I'm doing the challenge again!

6x6 inch oil on canvas $59 

It's September at that means time for Leslie Saeta's 30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge! It's so much fun to join along with so many wonderful painters! I love seeing what everyone comes up with.
I posted a question on Facebook about what I should paint. It was more me thinking out loud, but I got some good feedback. Seems most of you like seeing my fancy ladies and flowers. I have the hardest time painting one theme, as you can see. So…I figured as long as I get some kind of consistency in the paint application, size of canvas, and try to stick to a limited palette, that might do the trick. That way I can paint anything and it will still stand out as a "Beaudet". lol That's the idea anyway…we'll see if that holds true.


Sheila said…
Hi Jen - yeah, this is definitely a "Beaudet"! Love it! Happy painting to you!
Susan said…
Truly, Jen, I believe you could paint anything and it would come out great. I love your bright colors! Susan
Yay! Success! lol:) Thanks so my Sheila! :)
Thank you Susan! I'm tempted to try! :)
Thank you Susan! I'll definitely need it! :)

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