working on a commission today...

Here's what's on my large easel right now and I've been working on it along with the challenge pieces. Today, it will represent my painting for day 4. I spent the morning dropping off a few paintings at a new restaurant that's having it's grand opening this weekend. I hope they get the artwork up in time! This 24x24 oil is a larger version of one I did a couple week ago. My client wanted the same painting just a lot larger. I think it looks great large (besides my bad phone photo). Tomorrow, I'm trying to decide whether to paint a sunset or a great little house from over on the coast. There's this adorable Victorian town called Ferndale. It's my perfect place, if that's possible. There's all these cute little houses and some grand ones too, farms with cows and chickens, green rolling hills, and the best part is the beach is just down the road. I would totally live there if I could. Anyway, I got some great shots of some houses (well, my mom took them for me when she was over there at the horse races), and I want to paint a few of them for this challenge. 


Susan said…
A wonderful subject and composition for a large painting - and its coming along wonderfully!
Sheila said…
Looks great Jen!
Thank Susan! This spot is in the town right next to me (I added the sunflowers!) I almost finished now. Thanks so much for stopping by!
Thank you Sheila! I'm almost finished now! Then back to the challenge:) I'm hoping to paint 2 or 3 today (small ones)! That'll be a challenge for sure! :)

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