Painting away...

8x8 inch oil $125

I changed it up a little by adding pink flowers instead of the purple garlic flowers (I think that's what they were), anyway, I thought they would blend in too much. But looking at it now they might have worked too. Wouldn't you just love a little house like this? I sure would. What color would you paint it? 


Tam Foree said…
Love these! The cottage really caught my eye. Lovely brush work and colors
Thank you Tam! I really appreciate you stopping by and commenting!:)
Sheila said…
I love small houses, so cute and less to clean! ha ha I would paint it a soft yellow with white trim. Or navy with white trim. I saw a small blue house like that once and it was pretty! This reminds my of my grandmother's house, it was this color :)
I was thinking yellow too, Sheila! I always notice cute little yellow houses with white trim. Even though it's not my favorite color, it looks so fresh and inviting. I'm thinking a small house would be so easy to keep clean too…and no room for extra clutter. I'd have to have a separate studio though! :)

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