painting for the day...

This oil painting was painted plein air. It's amazing how many colors I'm seeing now that I'm painting outside. It's perfect weather, except a little off and on wind. At least I can hear it coming and brace for it! I may have to take this photo again when it's dry because some of the variances aren't showing. 
I painted this one with both a brush and palette knife. I think I prefer both. The gerber a daisies were from my bouquet from earlier and I think I might be able to get just one more painting out of it, and then they're done. Thanks for viewing! 



Susan said…
I love it! It's extremely lovely with perfect colors. Great job! Susan
Thank you Susan! It was fun to paint! Have a great long weekend!:)
Thank you Sue! Lots of yummy paint!
My Grama's Soul said…
Jen....this is a great piece!!

Sheila said…
Jen this is wonderful! I love all of the colors going on underneath the arrangement. The light in the left bud, and the light in the water are awesome!

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