A Bouquet of Roses...

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Ella said…
Swoon, these are gorgeous ;D
Wow, love the vibrancy~
Susan said…
Delightful roses, Jennifer. Terrific job! Susan
Thank you both for your comments! I like cheery paintings.:)
Olivier Violin said…
Magnifique composition, pleine d'élégance et de raffinement.
Thanks so much for the nice compliments, Olivier!
Vicki said…
Hi, Jennifer; how are you? I didn't go to Kauai; I was young and single at the time, when it seemed to be attracting newlyweds and was maybe a bit too honeymoony to me. Would love to go now, for sure! I know that the less-touristy parts are pristine and, of course, Kauai is used so much for filming, I believe lots of times when the director is trying to mimic Bali or some other exotic paradise. So beautiful; glad you've been able to go.

I just wanted to say how much I like your chicken and gull guy. You just keep coming up with more surprises. I can see the chicken in French country farmhouse decor (where the more vibrant colors seem to be used; love the Williams Sonoma mail order catalog that often showcases that sort of table/dining decor). And I wish I had a beach house to display the gull. I like him ALOT! I enjoy your consistent use of blues and aquas/turquoises; goes with so much so easily, and the color is so universally calming.

Be glad you're not back here south in your old haunts and instead enjoying fall colors and possibly cooler, crisp days. We're in a heat wave; ugh. Supposed to be brutal tomorrow & Tuesday-Weds. particularly, but also mostly all the coming week. It's like the heat will never end; two solid months of it at least (intense!). The average temp on my gauges around the perimeter of my property in the shade right now, just after lunch, is 90 degrees(F)...so, you can imagine what it is if you're out in the sun. And haze, yuck; we'll see the brown smog hovering offshore if we get breeze later this afternoon (it blows it out to sea, until it drifts back this way again). We don't have fall colors; just brown dead stuff, everywhere. Often in my neck 'o the woods, the few trees which turn color don't do it until well into November. You know how So. California is; we're not "normal." It takes a "native" to pick up the change of seasons; too subtle for newbies. I always wish for one period in my life where I might experience a true Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall!
HI Vicki. So good to hear form you. I can't believe how hot it's been down there! I would be on the beach any chance I got. I know how hot and humid it can get sometimes when it's not dry and baking with the Santa Anas. The one thing I looked about those days was hw nice and warm the evenings were. I spent many nights strolling along the beach in the moonlight sometime even swimming. That's the only time of year it was warm enough to swim. I wouldn't do it now though because they have great whites now!
I'm so happy you like the birds. They were a fun change. And yes, it's hard for me to stay away from that aqua blue!

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