Little Gull Guy

I did this for a challenge and didn't think I would like it but I do. It's cute, don't you think? I added a slight point to the tail because it just looks a little too blunt here. I'm planning a new floral piece right now and also thinking about some umbrellas. This weekend flew by and I can't believe we're in fall now. I can really feel it in the air. I'm looking forward to the beautiful fall colors around here. I was in L.A. at this time last year so I missed the colors.


I think this little guy is cute, too! Love the beachy colors! Are you going to do some fall-like paintings?

Have a great week!

He is such a proud Gull. Very pretty.

Thank you both for your comments! I was thinking of doing a fall scene, maybe a windy rode. The trees should be turning soon so I want to get my plein air set up ready so I can paint out in the field!
koralee said…
I think he is adorable...just like some of the funny guys we have around here...who like to sneak our food when we go to the beach! Hugs to you my talented friend
Hi Koralee! HaHa! These birds are so sneaky and bold! I was sitting on the beach one day and watched them attack a big unopened bag of potato chips while the owners were swimming! It was a crazy frenzy and they couldn't be stopped!
Terra said…
This guy is very beachy. I enjoy the seagulls and pelicans near my home.
I like them too. We had a lot of pelicans the last few years. They're so big!

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