Waimea Abstract

Still continuing with a painting a day, I've completed a few more today and revisited my favorite place with this one. I think I might like this version more than my first. I will be retaking the photo and post it on Etsy or DPW tomorrow. Hopefully there will be a little more light. I'm trying to loosen things up and I find using acrylics can really help with that. I feel less committed to a painting and more free to try new things, because of the cost and the fact they dry so fast! I had forgotten how convenient acrylics are. As soon as I'm ready to take it off the easel to start another, it's dry! No messy wet paint all over. 

I'm starting to work on some abstracts and feeling a little out of my comfort zone. I sent photos of them to my daughter and am awaiting her opinion before I show everyone. I like them...but who knows what they really look like. It's a lot more difficult to go abstract then it looks. It's all about color harmony and design. But it can go bad fast! I had to completely paint over one that I did. I've been working fairly small to start but eventually (when I get some really big canvas) I plan on going large!

I really appreciate your comments! 


Tiziano said...

Hi Jennifer pi love your painting a type p ' ò inpresionistica and a p ' ò macchiaiola dileto me to paint myself but I'm just a dillettante itself at a moment of time and I do visit you will see
something thanks
Good afternoon
Tiziano ...

Susan said...

Very nice painting, Jennifer. And yesterday's is gorgeous. WOW! A painting a day is a huge challenge, I would think. Good luck. You are a wonderful artist so I'm sure you can do it! Susan

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Thank you Tizano, it's nice to meet you.
Hi Susan, thanks so much! I hope so!
Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

La Petite Gallery said...

Thanks for your great comment.
I do like your art work.
Reading your other post on selling
let me know if you do sell anything. With the cost of canvas, brushes, paints (oils),
frames and hours and days of time,
it's heart breaking when people
want it for cheap. I have just given up trying.
They want PRINTS.
Wishing you a year of health and happy art sales.


Jen Beaudet Z said...

Thank you Yvonne! Yes, it is difficult selling art especially online. Everything looks better in real life! I don't mind selling prints though, and I also like to do some small paintings jot offer more affordable options. I didn't know that you painted. I would live to see your work!

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