Spring Musings...


on my easel 

close up

The sun came out again today was welcomed with open arms and smiling faces. This painting is another in my Bloom series. I however, did not use a palette knife for this one, just my brushes and lovely poppy red! I'm inspired by the pantone colors for 2013. I'm loving all the colors this year! 
I can't wait for the Spring fashions to be released! 

Looking forward to some nice weather here. I'm not sure about my trip to Mexico now. I haven't been feeling very good lately and don't want to buy a ticket and not be able to go. I'll keep you up dated if things change. Check back here for more Spring musings!

click here for the full view


La Petite Gallery said...

From my mouth to Gods Ears --
I hope you sell this art
it is beautiful.
I can't read the code

Jen Beaudet said...

Oh Yvonne, thank you so much for trying to read that code! I know how hard it is...I think I'll take it off and just deal with the spam. Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement!

koralee said...

Love your sweet poppies...I really do love poppies..they remind me of my grandma's garden and the colour is perfect. Happy Valentines week to you my friend. xo

Jen Beaudet said...

Wow! This was a year ago! I somehow missed your comment Koralee! Thank you so much! I hope all is well with you. I bet you have lots of yummies and pretties over on your blog!:)

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