Roses are Red...


Here's my latest of the Bloom series, done with a pallet knife. I have a few more to post but am not quite ready for whatever reason. I promise to get to them though. My next one I'm working on is a little different. Kind of abstract with mixed media. 
I just found out that I'm going to Mexico soon. I'm going to be painting a commissioned piece while I'm there so it should be fun. I'll have to post photos when I get back.


Susan said…
Oh Jennifer. Splendid roses! Splendid!

And what exciting news to hear you are going to Mexico! And to do a commissioned piece! Oh, that is terrific. Where in Mexico? Have a blast! (I know you will.)

Will look forward to the sunny, happy scenes from there. You are SO TALENTED.

Thanks for stopping by, by the way. Susan
Thank you so much for your encouraging words Susan! I'm going down near the Sea of Cortez. It should be nice and will for sure be warmer than it is here. I think it's about 30 degrees outside right now.
This is just beautiful, Jennifer! Lucky you, going to Mexico! And doing a commissioned work to boot. Best wishes and have fun! :)

Jennifer! You are going to Mexico! HOW LOVELY! I wonder if you live in a cold place like myself; then Mexico should be a warm welcome for you! If you stay by the beach, please take lots of photos so you can paint the azure waters!

LOVELY FLOWERS HERE MY FRIEND! I hope all is going well with your artwork. ENJOY and thank you for visiting! Anita
Hi Anita! I will be right on the beach and will definitely be welcoming the warm weather! It's raining here today but we still have snow on the ground. I can't wait! Thanks for stopping by!
I was confused by the first page that popped up. Is it new? Glad I persisted because I wanted to tell you how beautiful this painting it.
Enjoy Mexico - I am a big fan of the friendly people and feel for them struggling with the drug war.
Thank you for being persistent! It's my google + account and I don't know how to sign in to just my blogging account anymore, So sorry you had to search for me!
I feel bad for them too. I really love Mexico and it's mostly for the people!
Thanks so much for your nice comments!
Lynn said…
Hi Jennifer,
Your paintings are lovely! Thanks for your comment. Best wishes for a nice weekend!
Thank you Lynn! I hope the same for you!:)
Terra said…
How good to have a commissioned piece to paint when you are in Mexico. I look forward to seeing paintings you create there.
Hi Jane! Thanks for stopping by! I hope I get to go still. My plans may have changed!
Hi Terra! Nice to hear from you! I need to stop by and see what your garden is up to. I imagine not too much in the winter, unless you're in So Cal!

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