Looking for Spring Blooms...


I can't wait for Spring so painted these to help. I used a palette knife for this one and realized I really like the texture and depth and that loose feeling I'm after. I'm working on a floral series all done with a knife. They are different sizes but all of beautiful flowers. Did I ever tell you I was a floral designer for a while? I love flowers! I only wish I could grow them! I'll never give up trying. 

If you've been following me through the years you know my daughter is away at college and that it was a very difficult time for me getting used to her not being around. I go through a mini empty nest every time she comes home for break then leaves again. Now she has a boyfriend and is even further away from me and so so busy. I know she's grown now but I still think of her as my little girl. 

This series I'm working on is a reflection of what I'm going through and I will call it Bloom, referring to my daughter blooming into the beautiful girl she has become and of her mother 
blooming into her new life. I'm still struggling with the later, trying to define what exactly that is, but I'm moving in the right direction. 


I love the texture and colors you have used. beautiful flowers.
My daughter moved away with her job and I went through the empty nest all over again, even though she did not live at home. It was lovely having her in the same town so I really have a little inkling of what you are going through. Will look forward to see what your emotions produce. Art is the WAY!
Lisa Graham said…
Hi Jennifer, I am so glad you stopped by yesterday. Your art is so beautiful and I believe as Julie does...that art will help fill that void in your life. My eldest son at my youngest son's wedding said to me "you're free now mom. you've been taking care and doing for kids your whole life, now it's me-time". I love that he said that. I plan to spend more time reading, painting, with my husband and my mother and my friends and other family members. Oh but I know your struggle...we MISS them, don't we?
Thank you for stopping by Julie! I hope my emotions can produce something bright but right now it's not going that way. I've thought about once my daughter gets out of college, where will she go? How far away will she be? I dream about moving to Hawaii but don't think I could stand being that far away. But I can't follow her forever! Yes art is the way! We are so fortunate to have it!
Hi Lisa! Yes we do miss them but I guess it will get easier. That's sweet of you son to say that and it does sound nice. It's funny how some parents can't wait for their kids to get out of the house and on their own while others dread it. My daughter is my only child and I think that's part of it. But I need to think of her and how she's growing and learning about life...on her own! I need to be less needy Haha! Thanks for you input Lisa.
I'm intrigued by your work, just love the mixed media!
Jane said…
Jennifer , your flowers are stunning, gorgeous and lively colors and texture, great work !
Thank you Jane! I'm so happy you stopped by!
Diana Mieczan said…
Ohh..I bet it's very hard to see your daughter grow up but I bet that you will be just fine:) Those blooms are stunning, my dear:) Wish you a beautiful, sunny and happy day. xo
Great colors, that orange red is fab..
Thanks Diana! I'll survive...but it's an adjustment:)
Happy day to you too! your blog always brightens my day!
Hi Yvonne! Thanks for the compliments! I loved using that red orange! I plan to do another with it. Maybe I'll use it in one of my abstracts on working on. I love being inspired!

Thanks to all for stopping by!
I love the colour especially, and its a lovely composition as well.
Will follow your blog to see more
Jennifer said…
Thanks so much for stopping by, following, and for your kind comments!
Theresa Paden said…
This painting is so beautiful and I'm looking forward to more of your palette knife florals. I know exactly what you are going through with the empty nest phase because I am going through it, too, and also redefining my life just as you are. Good thing we have painting to carry us through!
Thank you for commenting Theresa! It's nice to know someone who is going through the same thing. I need to look at it as a time of rebirth! Everything is new! That could make it exciting and more bearable.
Take care,
Susan said…
Hi Jennifer...Another beautiful piece! I don't know how you do it.

I can identify with missing your daughter. My son moved far away and will never come to the east. He's married now and sometimes I miss him so badly my heart aches. But life must go on, in a different way.

I keep myself very occupied so there's not much time to lament. ha! In my heart, I know he's very happy and has a lovely girl for a wife. They are in established careers. Who could ask for more?

I'm immensely grateful my daughter is nearby and now I have a tiny granddaughter who fills my heart with love.

Looking forward to your Mexico paintings! Susan
Thanks so much for stopping by and telling me your story. I have very few friends going through this right now because their children are still so young. I was a fairly young mom. You're fortunate to still have your daughter near by!
I will definitely be posting photos and hopefully paintings form Mexico!

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