New Vintage Lady Painting


It's been awhile since I've painted a vintage lady. This piece was done for last weeks challenge on DPW, "paint your undies".  This was fun to do. I'm going to have to retake the photo though because some of the details got a little washed out, such as the table. 

Thanks for your visit and your comments!


Susan said…
How lovely, Jennifer. And your fall scenes! Oh, so beautiful. Susan
What a gorgeous painting, Jennifer. I love the deep purples of the pretty lady's clothing, and the pearls and flowers on the table.
Vicki said…
I'm feeling I have so much to catch up with in your blog and store. The Path To Fall painting is magnificent; gosh what a beautiful job you did on those autumn colors and with the light. Also, the most recent island paintings are so realistic, evoking mood and memory!

Love seeing new vintage ladies. Isn't she lovely there, as caught in the mirror...

Of course you know I love your art, Jennifer!
Jane said…
Lovely boudoir scene with beautiful warm colors.Must have been difficult to do the reflection so it seems in the right position, but you did it perfectly !
Thanks so much for all your comments!
Jane-I thought is would be a challenge but attempted it without any pressure. When I'm not worried about it turning out right it's easier:)
I still nee to take another photo in better light to show more subtle details that got lost.
This tells a story - and with my own personal take, I love the fact that she is getting ready for a romantic date. Universal theme here.
Really lovely, Jennifer.
Thank you Julie. I like to have a story in mind when I'm painting. You probably do that as well. It's hard not to and I think that helps convey the emotions I trying to put into each piece.
koralee said…
ok my dear..I say this all the time but this time I mean it...this is my FAVOURITE of yours yet! I soooo love the blues...and the pop of pink on the flowers. xoxoxo Happy weekend.
HaHa! Thank you Koralee:) Have a great weekend!

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