This nice little barn was for a challenge on DPW to paint an emotion.
 I thought about doing a figure or face but
I've been enjoying the fall theme so much and had to just go with it. 
This barn is in a beautiful place about 15 minutes from my house. 
The emotion I feel is tranquil, if that can be considered an emotion, I think it is. 
I'm working on another fall tree painting right now and it's giving me some
struggles...if you don't see it posted in a few days, it didn't make it. Or should I say I didn't make it.


Glorious colors - this gives me an emotional response to its beauty. Space, countryside, homesteading and
harvest time. All create an emotion in me. I love it.
Thank you, Julie! I was feeling warm and comfortable but wasn't really sure if those were considered emotions. I like harvest time, that's what it makes me feel too.
Pierre BOYER said…
"La Petite Maison dans la Prairie"...
Very nice...

Olivier Violin said…
Cet endroit est magnifique. Ca doit ĂȘtre une grande source d'inspiration.
A very pretty painting, great colors and my eye was drawn to the brush work om the hedge of bushes.
You are doing great work.
koralee said…
I am in love with the colours...I simply adore red barns...your work is amazing my friend. xoxoxo
Thank you for your comments! I'm sorry I've been absent lately!
Franz said…
Wow,it's magic,good work!
Thank you Franz! I'm happy to have you as a new follower!:)

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