New Figure Painting...

Painting by Jen Beaudet Zondervan born 1970 California 
This is my latest impressionist oil painting. For now it;s going to be titled something like Girl Sitting. Any suggestions are welcome! I'll have it listed on Etsy later this afternoon but was hoping to get a little feedback before I did. Your comments are always appreciated! 


That's a good one Terra! I think I might use that one. Thank you!
I like the mystery of what she is thinking about.

I also like the color and textures in the background very much.
Thank you, Julie. I liked the background too. It's actually made from many layers of paint that have dried then I added more with a palette knife.
Karena said…
Jennifer thank you so much for visiting me!! I adore "The Moment" She is gorgeous! I also love the dress below!

Art by Karena
2012 Artists Series
Thanks so much for stopping by Karena! Your comments mean a lot to me! I'm working on a tropical painting right now but will be doing more of these soon.

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