Maui Upcountry!

Upcountry in Bloom
by Jen Beaudet Z from California 

I've reworked this painting of Maui Upcountry. I simplified it and changed the green so it leaned more yellow. I also changed the sky. I think it's all more calming now. Thanks so much
for all your comments and support!

I am a little obsessed with Hawaii and I think it shows in my art. This piece was inspired by David Schoonover's beautiful photo of Maui. When I was there the jacarandas weren't blooming like this! 


Susan said…
Absolutely gorgeous, Jennifer. Love the colors----everything. Fabulous. Susan
Thank you, Susan! I think the colors work better than what I had before. I just finished some pink roses but I think I might do another one of these. I just love the purple trees and everyone else seems to as well!
Vintage Home said…
wow this is soon as I saw it I was drawn to the sky...Love the movement in the whole picture!...and yet it still feels like it would be a calm soothing place to be!
Thanks Colleen! I love the sky in Hawaii. It's just one of the magical things there. I'm glad you can see what I was trying to achieve. I wanted there to be movement and emotion but at the same time evoke a soothing feeling.
Suz said…
Your paintings are wonderfully beautiful.
Thanks so much for visiting! I'm so happy you found something you like here!

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