A Day at the Beach take 2...

has been revised

A Day at the Beach
by Jennifer Beaudet
Oil on Canvas
24x30 inch

I retook this painting today with outside lighting...much better.
This is a larger painting of the small study I did a few weeks ago. 
This is how I like to spend my days. How about you? Have a wonderful day!


Susan said…
Oh, very nice, Jennifer. I remember that painting a couple of weeks ago. Great job. Susan
Thank you Susan! Yes I did a similar one a few weeks ago and had a few request for a larger one. Thanks so much for stopping by!
Lisa said…
I absolutely *LOVE* this painting. I have visited your Etsy shop and marked it as a favorite. Your work is just beautiful and the colors you choose are amazing. I'm going to own one of your originals one of these days...
Thank you Lisa! You made my day! I never know if I'm the only one that likes a painting I do:)
koralee said…
Such a lovely painting...loving the shades of blue you used! Oh yes...I would love a day at the beach...I love September days when the sun is lower in the sky and the waves are crashing around...pure joy. Hugs.
Vicki said…
I love the color of the sea and the girl in the 2-pc green swimsuit. I do think the painting has great light; it's a southern California summer in that painting, no?

Jennifer, I notice that you frequently go back and tweak a painting that's already finished. My mom was an amateur oil painter/enthusiast, not of your talent but she really enjoyed it, and I could always tell when she reworked a painting (and secretly wished she'd instead have just left it be). How do you pull this off without it looking like a re-do? What's your technique?

I believe I have read over the years that the masters would often go back over their work...am I right? Haven't I read that about Michelangelo or Leonardo (you know ... THOSE guys!!!)? The experts, with new technology, can see different studies under the original layers of paint. I'd always wondered if somebody else fooled with them, which makes you wonder, "how can I protect my work?"
Oh how I love this piece, Jennifer! AND thank you for visiting this morning. I hope you are experiencing success in all that you do. I am experiencing the transition into full-time artistry and it is not as glamorous as one may think. Waiting for success is a mistake. I am waiting and wondering why there is such a lull in sales and if I am not careful, I will miss the big lesson. But I think that I will learn the lesson because life has a beautiful way of reminding you and setting you on your path again. Step one: BE YOURSELF.

Thank you so much for shedding YOUR beautiful sparkle on the world! Anita
So beautiful! You are just absolutely talented. Love your use of color. :)
Thank you all for your comments!
I emailed you Vicki and Anita:)
I'm fighting myself on whether or not to fix a few things on this one. My daughter said she loves it and to leave it alone. I still have to finish painting the sides though so I may have to take the body surfer out. I'm not sure.
So nice of you to visit Chelle! I really like these beach scenes right now and I plan on doing more. Maybe one with more subtle colors though.

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