Venice Cruising...


This painting was inspired by my dad's trip to Italy. It's been a while since I've painted from his photos. I would love to visit in person someday. Italy and Greece are top on my list but I always seem to choose Hawaii. I have many years to get there but I would really like to go with my mom who will be 70 this year. We've always talked about taking a trip to Europe with my daughter and my sister.

 I'm currently working on a large pier painting and should have it done today. It's very similar to this beach scene but a lot larger!



koralee said…
Oh how lovely is this....and your pink roses and cherries in your last post makes my heart beat a little faster. xoxox
Vicki said…
Hi, Jennifer; catching up to your recent posts. I like your Maui paintings and I never saw anything I didn't like when you painted the one before; Maui is stormy, tropical, wild but it can also be anything you want it to be. Hey, great job on the Venice painting! It was a long, long time ago but I actually HAVE been to the real Venice (not our California Venice!!) and you've got a great look to the gondolier-dude (probably didn't spell that right) and the lamp post. And, this is true, nothing swamps you more (unless it's the submerged buildings; ha!) than the huge swath of red-tiled roofs if you're in an upper story anywhere and can gaze down on the city below. By the way, many congrats on the sale of several paintings. No surprise to me, though, since I own one of yours myself; you make beautiful art, Jennifer!
Wow - that's really cool! I spent a week in Venice about 10 years ago - you are making me want to get out my old photos for some inspiration :)
Thanks for the comments! I think I need to retie the photo of this one though because it has a strange color cast and shows a weird texture.

Thank you for the congrats Vicki! And how lucky you are to have been to Venice! The canals in Venice, California are beautiful too, but don't compare to the beauty of the original, I'm sure!
This brings back happy memories and you did a wonderful job of a very complex scene.
Thank you for your nice comments Julie. I had to go back and work on the scene from my first post because it's so complex. I want to keep it loose and spontaneous, but it still needed a little more definition.

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