Day 11 of 30 in 30 Challenge

Something different for today. I used acrylics which I don't normally use so I had to get used to them again. I may explore them more because it's pretty nice to have it dry so quickly. 
I just need to figure out how to achieve the same feel as oils. I know there's a way because I've seen some really nice paintings from other artists using acrylics. 



Lisa Graham said...

This is beautiful Jennifer. I love the woods and this one has Fall written all over it.

The fast drying time is what I love about acrylics too. It's funny because many oil painters hate that about them. There is an artist in one of my Share Sunday posts names Andrea Kowch. She works in acrylic, but it looks like oil to me. I wonder if you did some reading up on her if you would find the medium she uses with the paint to achieve that look. I am not sure, but it would have to be something. If you find out, let me know too!

Jen Beaudet said...

Thank you Lisa! I'm going to check her website out. I love oils and the feel I get with them but if I can do the same with acrylics that would be awesome! I might start doing larger paintings. Right now they take so long to dry I'd need a really big space which I don't have. :)

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