Day 4 of the 30 in 30 Challenge with a Little Abstract

I haven't done many abstracts so it's a little difficult to show them to you, but since I'm trying to 
keep up with this challenge I thought I'd just do it! The color is a little fresher in person. This is a little grayed, so I may take the photo again but it's pretty close. Abstracts are so personal; I may or may not put this one on Etsy...



Lisa Graham said…
I love the colors you chose for your abstract Jennifer...that little splash of red is perfect. Your cow in the last post is so sweet.
Lana Manis said…
Jennifer, I came over from Leslie's blog. I really like this one... the colors and the composition. I love abstracts like this one, but find it difficult to paint them myself. Lovely job!
Thank you Lisa! I'm having fun with colors:)
Thank you Lana! I think I'll explore some more!
Vicki said…
I am sort of hot/cold on abstracts but I like this one; I like the shapes and the colors; I try to remember to absorb it, feel it and not exactly try to figure it out. I had an artist-friend tell me something similar once, so I try to take that guidance. Really, when you think about it...and I'm no expert on the subject...some of the French/American Impressionists were almost going "abstract" with their landscapes at times, more awash in color/light than subject. Just my opinion and limited knowledge.

I think it's great you are painting every day. It IS a challenge! I was always told, and I think I said this another time, that a writer needs to write every day, so it must be the same for a painter or maybe anyone who has a passion and talent for something. An actor has to act, etc.
I've seen that in the impressionist's work. I think that's what attracts me to it. I didn't have an appreciation for abstracts until the last few years. I like the feelings they evoke without trying to figure them out. i do want to do more and just explore different colors. This challenge is a great way to do that.

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