Day 30 and I finished them all!

Oh Little Deer

This is number 24, inspired by a sweet little deer I captured on my phone,in the meadow the other day. You can see the rest of the paintings on my facebook fan page here-J Beaudet Studios. While you're there I'd love for you to "like" my page!:)
I love seeing them grazing in the sunlight. I'm going to be listing all of my
paintings from the 30 in 30 Day Challenge and will be 
sharing them again on here when I 
retake the photos.



Olivier Violin said…
C'est si beau et délicat...
Bravo Jennifer :)
Lisa Graham said…
Congratulations Jennifer! I admire your ability to stay with it and to paint so beautifully. This deer is precious.
Thank you Olivier! I'm happy to have completed my goal! :)
Hi Lisa! Thanks so much! It was very hard to keep up but I'm glad I did it. I was able to learn more about acrylics in a way I wouldn't have had I spent a lot of time on each piece. It's more like the warm up gestures in college! :)
Congratulations Jennifer - you did it! Not an easy task to be painting every day and you ended up creating beautiful work as well.
Thank you Enzie! It was a challenge but I learned a few things and it was fun!:) But nice to not have that pressure, but that's just replace with other things!:)

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