30 in 30 Day 2


Here's my day #2 of Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge.
 I didn't get started until about 4:30 so by the time I finished 
there was no light besides my inadequate lightning. Lighting is 
definitely on my wish list! It's really a necessity actually. 
I'll retake the photos in the morning so the photo will be clearer. 
This painting was inspired by a photographer 
friend of mine, Steve Phelp's photo taken in Washington State. 
I cropped it a little and added a few more trees but the scene was just beautiful! 

This kind of gets me excited for fall weather.



juliefordoliver.blogspot.com said...

Hi Jennifer - I am delighted to see you joined the 30 Challenge.
This is gorgeous and ask you said, gets me excited for the fall weather. Well almost!

Patricia Awapara said...

Fantastic colors! So lively! :D

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I love the colors as well, such a beautiful painting. It's been so hot in Southern California that I can't wait for fall to come.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful representation of colors and energy! Such a powerful impact!

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Thank you Julie! I love seeing what you come up with!:)

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Thank you Patti!:)

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Hi Enzie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)
I just saw the weather for you today! 90 is too hot down there! Stay cool!

Jen Beaudet Z said...

Thank you Robert! I have a tendency to use strong colors even when I don't want to! haha!:)
Thanks for stopping by. I must check out your blog...your avatar is intriguing!:)

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