30 in 30 Day 2


Here's my day #2 of Leslie Saeta's 30 in 30 challenge.
 I didn't get started until about 4:30 so by the time I finished 
there was no light besides my inadequate lightning. Lighting is 
definitely on my wish list! It's really a necessity actually. 
I'll retake the photos in the morning so the photo will be clearer. 
This painting was inspired by a photographer 
friend of mine, Steve Phelp's photo taken in Washington State. 
I cropped it a little and added a few more trees but the scene was just beautiful! 

This kind of gets me excited for fall weather.



Hi Jennifer - I am delighted to see you joined the 30 Challenge.
This is gorgeous and ask you said, gets me excited for the fall weather. Well almost!
Fantastic colors! So lively! :D
Enzie Shahmiri said…
I love the colors as well, such a beautiful painting. It's been so hot in Southern California that I can't wait for fall to come.
Anonymous said…
Wonderful representation of colors and energy! Such a powerful impact!
Thank you Julie! I love seeing what you come up with!:)
Hi Enzie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting:)
I just saw the weather for you today! 90 is too hot down there! Stay cool!
Thank you Robert! I have a tendency to use strong colors even when I don't want to! haha!:)
Thanks for stopping by. I must check out your blog...your avatar is intriguing!:)

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