Here's a New California Winery Commission!


Here's a crop of my latest winery commission. I'm happy to say my clients love it! This was based on an older painting of mine which they found on Etsy. They wanted a landscape format instead of square and wanted the sky changed. This sky is more realistic and calm than the original. 

Here's the original.

I was thinking I might change this one to be more like the new sky but I do like this one. I might change it slightly so it looks less stormy. It actually might just need to be retaken with my camera. Anyway, it's been for sale for a while and my wineries seem to sell faster than this one has. 

Here's another photo of the new one. I changed it a little since this picture. Just added some more bright greens to the vines and some sunlight on the ground. Matching another painting is challenging and I always state that yours will be an original, as there will be variations in color and brushwork. I'm happy how it came out and even happier that my clients are! 

Next up- is yet to be determined...I have a lot of ideas so that's a good sign that I'm feeling inspired again. I'm sure I'm not alone. This has been a very strange year. I work as a hairdresser to have a more consistent income and we opened and closed 3 times! It's been crazy. My husband got lost his job due to covid and I'm excited to say he just started a new one after about 6 months looking. He's a chef manager and his industry was hit hard as well. 

I think June is going to be a great month and I'm looking forward to it! 

Thanks for reading this!

I'm still posting on this blog because my new website is a little different. I used my domain name that I had on here and transferred it over to the new...not sure if that was a good idea. Now I'm getting some bad link errors. I was hoping is would resolve itself but that it happen. Anyway, if you're still here I'm glad! :) 

Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan 


New Painting of Italy Finished!


Jen Beaudet Z Italy oil painting

This was a very large painting that I was commissions to do. It took a while but it's finally complete and approved by my collector! She asked me to include her 2 kitties which I did. They look like they were right there all along! This painting was so fun to work on. I love working this large...even if it takes more time than what I'm used to. I got it done! 

Italy oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet of California

My hubby and I just took a trip up to SF and the wine country! (wow there are a lot of wineries here!) It's perfect timing for my next commission I'm working on. The client wants a California winery with poppies incorporated. Well, that's exactly what I saw on our trip and I took a bunch of photos. I knew it would be inspiring but it was beyond that! I had the most amazing time and am so ready to paint! 

Here's some of the California Winery I've done over the years...They're adding up! One is poppies but I'm going to combine them in this next painting. I rarely work straight from a photo. I have an idea of what I want then grab elements from different photos and my imagination. My work is never meant to be super realistic. I want it to have a sense of emotion and a bit of whimsy. I label it impressionism/ modern impressionism but I feel like it's just my own style created from my soul. 

PS...I don't like to get negative, but it seems I have once again made a change that caused a drop in readers. I would say I lost about 200-300 viewers on here (according to my stats). It happened before I made my new site and switched it, so I don't think it's that. I'll just keep going and see what happens. 

To those of you that are reading this, thank you for sticking around through all these years! Your support is so important to me. I'm still Jen Beaudet just with a Z now! 


So excited for this announcement!

 I have two big announcements for J Beaudet Studios! 

Click to purchase the finished painting

This painting was done a few years back and is for sale. I contacted the photographer and he allowed me to paint this. I added the couple walking to create a story. I made them look like a romantic Italian couple taking a stroll through the streets of this beautiful town called Spello. The photographers name was Butts. He was so gracious to allow me to use his photo to paint. 
I recently received a commission to paint this same painting but LARGE! Very large! This one is an 11x14 but the new one I'm preparing to start on is going to be 36x48 inches. I've done a few large commissions but most art much smaller. I've recently been working larger and love it. This is going to be fun!
I couldn't find this size locally so I'm waiting to receive it from Blick. I like their quality and have never had any problems with my orders.  I am going to be posting progress and hopefully I can manage a video. 
So...I didn't forget my 30 day challenge. I just don't complete it. I have completed 2 and it's an awesome feeling! I had hoped to finish but fell off schedule and couldn't catch up. It takes time and stamina. I ended getting a bad sore throat, which thankfully went away in 3 days, but I wan't able to paint. I feel a little defeated but will try again next time! 
The other thing that kept me form finishing just happens to be my other exciting announcement! 
Drum roll please...............................................I have a beautiful new website! I've worked hard to get this going and have actually been working on 3 websites and have decided on this one (at least for now....Yes, I'm a little indecisive. It's a problem, but I finished this one and transferred my domain name so here we go!) I went with Faso. I like the artist friendly features and they make it so easy to use. 

The name of my new website is JBEAUDETSTUDIOS by J Beaudet Z

I'm still using my name Jennifer Beaudet because well, it's my name. I've been using it as an artist for a very long time and all of the interviews I've done over the years use this name. I'm not giving it up. Sorry. My new paintings will be signed J Beaudet Z and I think it looks nice but my name is Jen Beaudet or Jennifer Beaudet. I know my work speaks for itself and I feel confident you will know it's an authenticate Beaudet! 


30 Day Painting Challenge hosted by Sheila



30 Day Challenge hosted by Sheila at https://www.facebook.com/groups/406876779963135/?multi_permalinks=740689849915158&notif_id=1613198635003600&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif Thank you for hosting this Sheila! 

Day 1

Day 2
Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9

I'm exploring a much looser process using acrylics paints. Having to keep up with daily painting is challenging while working full time but it's allowing me to be faster and subsequently more spontaneous. No time to fuss and just paint with feeling. I've talked about art as therapy before and this style is more therapeutic than ever! I feel like this is how I can express myself. This is my voice. I would like to explore it more in a larger form with more paint and textures. I love mixed media art and want to use a few different mediums with this bold expressive style. 

You may notice this is Day 13 yet I only have 9 to post. This is because I'm playing catch up! Maybe I can get to the point where I paint and sell again! I know it's possible because this is how it was a few years ago. I just realize the more I paint the more I sell...makes sense, right? 


Point Vicente Palos Verdes Lighthouse


Point Vicente Warmth
11x14 oil on canvas

Here's my latest commissioned piece of Palos Verdes. I love painting this place so much because I was born here and lived in the area for 30 years! I was so lucky to grow up in such an amazing place and I honestly can't believe I'm back at the beach now! Not the Southbay but San Clemente. I really can't decide which place I like better. The Southbay will always remain my home though, and I'm always so honored when someone contacts me to paint my hometown! If you're in the area, stop by Kincaid's to see my 3 large paintings! They commissioned me a few years back and I believe they're opening up again. I know indoor dining isn't available but you could. probably sneak a peek! 

If you would like to commission me to paint something for you my prices start at $300 for a small piece and for something larger it's about $1200. Prices vary slightly depending on the subject. (faces are a bit more) You can contact me at Jbboutique @ yahoo. com or my etsy shop to talk more! 


Floral Abstract palette knife painting by Jen Beaudet Z-

Floral Abstract palette knife painting by Jen Beaudet Z-

Just added a new video of a little peek at my process. I am still learning about making videos but I'm getting a better! The painting isn't quite finished yet. I still need to work a bit in the middle but I think it's coming along! I'm happy with how it came out. 

I feel this painting is me...my flowers, but with an abstract twist. I'd like to take the next one even more abstract. My favorite part of this painting is the background so maybe I can pull from that. 

I've used both a palette and brush for this 30x40 inch oil on canvas
I will be posting it on Daily Paintworks soon. Thanks for looking! 


San Clemente is For the Birds


Click here for details

We had such a nice walk at the pier and this little guy was so nice to pose for me. I think he wanted to come home with us...Anyway, I decided to paint him instead! I used a palette knife and a few different mediums to give it lots of interest and texture. I think he's cute. I hope you like him! I post a video on instagram if you want to check it out... Seagull video 

Here's another seagull I did several years ago. It was a smaller canvas. 

He sold pretty quick so the new one might go fast too if you're looking for something like it. 


A Shift...reflecting on good and bad

Blu Belle
 By J Beaudet Z©

Hi guys! I'm trying to be more consistent with posting on here but it's hard to keep up! I shared my latest painting on Instagram and it sold it in 3 days! Thank you to my new patron in Charleston SC. Oh, how I would love to go there sometime! I follow a few galleries from there and tell my hubby how I wish I could be in one of them. He just looks at me and says, " Well, you have to ask them..." Yeah, I guess he's right. I have to go after what I want and can't expect them to come knocking. I'm @jbeaudet_art on Instagram. I'd love to see you there! 

Speaking of going after what you want, I just started looking into a masterclass with Amira Rahim and can't wait to learn more! We started sharing art business information on Facebook back in 2013, and I'm happy to say she purchased one of my small works on paper! That was so nice! She has such an infectious personality it's hard not to feel motivated. I was excited to see she had moved to Socal and thought maybe we could meet someday but I just noticed she has almost 90,000 followers! I'm sure she's overwhelmed with her business and I doubt she remembers coming to me for advice about a few things. That was back when my art showed up in google first page...I know I can get there again! I plan on learning what I can from her instagram  business wisdom. I love her art but am afraid if I learn from her that my art may start to look like hers...not that I wouldn't like that, but I do want to be unique and recognized as J Beaudet Z. haha 

Here's the piece she bought! It was 5 years ago, while I was doing a 30 day challenge. Leslie Saeta did such a great job with that! I wish she was still hosting those! 


It was a 5x7 inch or maybe even smaller. I thought it was pretty cute. I feel like at that time, I was ready for a SHIFT. I was evolving and had more motivation than ever. I was selling every piece before I could get the next one loaded! I had people excited and following me, which made me want to paint more. It's amazing what encouragement does. This was back when my mom had stage 4 breast cancer (thank God she's in remission now and doing great!). We went on a trip to Kauai to celebrate life in March 2016...when I returned I walked into my house with my suitcase and noticed the washing machine open and the light left on. My husband wasn't home and would not have left the light on so I went in there to check. Inside the washer were women's gym close and underwear. It wasn't mine. That was the moment my life fell apart. The hurt and betrayal was too much for me. I had to move everything out in one day (while she was living in my home! Evil comes in all forms and she called herself a Christian. I found her bible next to his bed.) Moved in with my brother in Ventura and the online dating adventure began! I could write a book...I should....I lost my dad 2 years ago and that set me in a funk for longer than I would have thought. Thank God I found my love. He's everything I could have dreamed for and more. 

This was 5 years ago, and looking back I see what happened with my art and why I got off track. It hurts because it's my dream to be able to survive off only my art income, and that's where I was headed. But today is a new day a new beginning a fresh start! I am FOCUSED now and the silver lining of this virus is I now have the time again! So it's all coming back...creating, sharing, selling. That's the way to do it! I could never figure out how it would happen for me and what I was doing right. I finally realize, it's me. It's my passion. It's wanting something so bad you just don't give up no matter what. I'm more ready than ever! 

I fell like my art needs a fresh change. I was going that way 5 years ago and I know I can't pick up from the now. I need to start fresh, while taking all of my knowledge Ive learned over the last 11 years...actually more like 45 years. Geez! Yeah, I was an artist from the beginning. It's everything I am. 


New floral painting for the New Year!


available on Etsy

Starting FRESH! Here's my first painting for 2021! I used both a brush and palette knife for this one. I love all the beautiful texture and especially this color combo. Peach and graying green look so nice together. 

I hope you enjoy! 


Jennifer Beaudet interview from a few years ago

DAILY PAINTWORKS News: DPW Spotlight Interview: Jennifer Beaudet

This is an older interview I was asked to do on Daily Paintworks, I donated a painting for the giveaway! 

Hmm...maybe it's time for another giveaway...? Your chances will be pretty good! 

DAILY PAINTWORKS News: DPW Spotlight Interview: Jennifer Beaudet: Each week we will spotlight a different DPW artist who will give away one of their best paintings. To enter to win Jennifer's painting,...

J Beaudet Z SOLD

Rhapsody Blue 
J Beaudet Z 
SOLD 2014

Available as a signed and embellished print

This giveaway is over but the interview is a little insight to my creative process
All the work below has sold but they are all available as prints on my Fine Art America Page . There are so many options available there. Prints on canvas, paper, framing available too! I love the quality of their giclee prints and the customer service is great! I've been using them since 2011 and several very well known artists also use them. I also am signed up for Art Licensing on there as well. If you have any questions you can always ask me by contacting me jbboutique @ Yahoo.com

Warm Welcome
Jen Beaudet Z

California Dream
J Beaudet Z

J Beaudet Z

Winter Blues
Jen Beaudet Z Sold

Jen Beaudet Z Hydrangeas and Pearls 

NEW Website!

Loose Bold Floral Painting

 I was given the best gift ever by my daughter and son in law! It's an ongoing subscription of absolutely beautiful flowers sent to my h...