Weaverville in Fall


My daughter's favorite time of year! It's so beautiful here.


Vicki said...

I like the pop of the aqua/turquoise-colored vehicle in the mid-ground of the piece. Those fall colors are on fire! I like the way you've even shown the falling leaves in the sidewalk gutters.

Jennifer, down here in the southern part of the state, we've got no color like that at all; I constantly refer to the canyons as moonscapes (colorless, barely a speck of green due to drought); only a few non-native trees are just now starting to turn color but they are so faded and I believe starved for water. Feel lucky that you can see and paint something so scenic even if it DOES mean you're further from the beach!

Jane said...

Wow, you really know how to get some color down , fabulously colorful and beautiful !

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