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Here's a new fancy lady painting that I just finished. It sold as soon as I listed it, so that's some good news! I'm going to be doing more for sure, and have an idea for a new series. (think "ocean")! 
Well, I didn't win that contest a posted about last time, but it was great just to be in it. The magazine gets a lot of exposure. I just wish I had chosen a different image. That's why I never enter (besides, they cost money) because I have the hardest time choosing what I think my best is. Even when I paint something and think I've done a great job, that's not always the one that goes the fastest. Sometimes the ones I think are the best never sell at all. I'm not a good judge I guess. haha

I do however have some exciting news to share! I was asked, by my county, to be the "Painter Representing Trinity County"! How cool is that!? I said yes of course! I'm honored and thrilled to be recognized as an artist in my little town. You probably know by now, I really only sell my art online, behind the scenes, and don't like making public appearances. I'm trying to change that, though! I've been trying all my life, really. Social anxiety is real and affects a lot of people in many ways. For me, it's definitely held me back from doing things all throughout my life. I'm almost 45 though, and think it's time to get over it! Much easier said then done…but I'm trying! 

I'm just truly grateful to have made it this far only selling my art online. It means so much to me that  my art touches your soul that much for you to want to have it in your home! It's a part of my soul…a part of me.

On my easel…I'm currently working on a commissioned piece for a dear collector of mine. It's the Augusta Golf Course's famous 12th hole. I went on the Master's website and watched the video (freezing it at the best shot). It's gorgeous! I remember watching that with my dad a few years back, and stating how gorgeous it was! Now I'm painting it. I love my job!:) 

If you'd like to commission me to paint something special for you, here's a little info on that! Commission the Artist 


Good for you, Jen! I know you are elated.

I have a lot of issues with groups of people, being in crowded places and being in the spotlight. I wonder if you could have a showing of your work with a "representative"? An assistant of sorts? And then maybe if someone purchases something, you could deliver it personally? I know I'm probably totally off target and I really don't know how galleries work, but it would make you rather elusive...I know, I'm crazy!

Jane x
Congrats on the sale and your NEWS!
You will be fine and I wish you all the best = )
I'm glad you can understand how hard it is sometimes. That's a great idea but I might be too nervous to go to their homes! I get hit with anxiety from all sides! Unless I feel that I can trust someone and feel they're nice. It's so hard and I know I make it way harder than it has to be.
Thanks for your support Sue! I'm so happy about it all!
Sheila said…
Congratulations Jennifer. On the sale and the honor - that is so awesome! Best wishes :)

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