Been busy…here's my latest painting!

This is an original impressionist oil painting, of a woman. She's sitting in her vintage hat and gloves possibly waiting for someone. Maybe just waiting for the rain to stop. What if she's enjoying the sound of the rain? The colors are blue, grey, sea foam green, and a very subdued purple. Her dress is a dark crimson red, plum hue. This painting was completed with high quality gamblin oil paints with a palette knife and brushes for lots of interesting textures. Inspired by vintage fashion, rainy days, and my tube of phthalo blue! 

Thanks for looking! 

here's what's on my easel right now…


Terra said…
The colors are lovely and suited to the mood of rain or evening.
Susan said…
Oh Jen, your female figures are so incredible. They are charming, sophisticated and attractive. Fabulous job! Susan
Thank you so much Susan! That's so nice to hear!:) I really enjoy painting the beautiful fashions of the past.
Thank you Terra! I was ready for the rain and the feeling it gives. I've been trying to add more feeling with color in my paintings and this one just happened.

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