Jacaranda inspiration!

If you've been following me for any amount of time you probably know how much I love jacaranda trees. Well, I'm in heaven! They're everywhere here! This is an 8x10 inch oil on panel. I'm still working on it but should have it listed in my etsy shop soon! 
Today I'll be painting plein air at the ocean!

I somehow lost the original image on this post but replaced it with this one.


Terra said…
I love jacaranda trees too, they look like a bouquet when in bloom. If our yard had the right spot I would plant one. They grow very large.
Sheila said…
Joy! They are pretty aren't they!
Beautiful...Love the soft, swirly style!!!!

Thank you Jane! The paint tends to get that effect when I use a panel as opposed to canvas. I like it too!:)
Thank you Sheila! Yes, I love them and they're reblooming here!
Yes they do grow large and shed purple petals all over. I think I could handle the mess. :)

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