Maui photos!

Sunset from Kaanapali Beach


view of Kapalua

Here's a few photos of mine from our trip to Maui. I have so many, 
but won't bore you with all of them. Now I just need to get busy painting them. I am so inspired!
I may even try to paint a sunset, something I haven't tried yet. I haven't been making my rounds to everyone's blog too much
lately and want to apologize for that. I'm going to be even more busy come next week, as we are moving to a new place. Same town just new house. I'm excited about it! 
But I'm not looking forward to an aching back from all the moving. So I might not have any new paintings for this week because the paint will be 
too wet to move. Maybe I'll do some watercolors. Have a wonderful weekend! 


Susan said...

Oh, Jennifer, I'd NEVER be bored looking at your photos. You could show ALL of them and I'd love them.
The ones in your post today are lovely. What a great place to visit! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to many more. Susan

Vicki said...

Lovely photos; thanks for sharing. Pretty blues you have to work with (little sandy cove?) and love the rows of palms. You definitely should try for sunsets. I used to dabble as a hobby with acrylics for sunsets but watercolor could be a nice bleed/blend of vibrant/soft hues, maybe with a somewhat-wet brush? Give it a go; you've got amazing and recent inspiration, having seen it in person, lucky girl!!!

Vintage Home said...

YOU can do a sunset...I know you can!
These Maui pics are beautiful!...Love the beach!
Thanks for dropping by!
Have a good move!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL JENNIFER! Thank you so much for coming to visit with me today! Oh I am running around trying to finish up school and I am so scrambled that I put the wrong information on my blog. My Paris link party is on June 8, not next week! So come on by anyway if you wish to visit! How is your Etsy doing? I cannot wait for school to be done so I can relax and create more!

Your lovely photos are calling me to THE BEACH!!! Anita

Vicki said...

Jennifer, take a look back at my second comment under your "Maui Upcountry Jacaranda" post.

Hope your move is going well and, once you get settled, that you have a Maui-inspired, summer marathon of painting!

Vicki said...

Well, I guess it's actually my THIRD comment on your previous post. Sorry, I'm afraid I got a little too excited about Maui memories...see what your painting did??!!!

Jen Beaudet said...

Thanks so much for your enthusiasm about my work Vicki! I share the same passion about Hawaii and I know how contagious it can be! Thanks for the wishes on my move! I haven't even begun to pack yet. I plan on making small trips back and forth and leaving the heavy stuff for the men:)

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