A little bit of purple...

being revised 

This was a little different for me because of the odd size of canvas. It's 18x36 inches so it's pretty long. It's hard to see the details here so I've added some close ups on my Etsy listing here. I used a palette knife for most of it and a brush to fill in small areas and soften a few things. The grass in the foreground is showing up the wrong color. It's a little more yellow green instead of that brown color. This one is definitely for a purple lover! 


The painting looks lovely and the green and purples compliment each other really well.
Terra said…
For me, you can not have too much purple, and this is a beauty.
Lol! I knew there would be someone who loves purple this much:) I do too but once I finished it thought, "wow, that's a lot of purple!"
Julie@beingRUBY said…
Hi dear Jennifer
It's a beautiful piece and the purple is uplifting and full of promise. The colour of royalty and spirituality
Hope you had a lovely weekend mine is just finishing
Ciao ciao xxx Julie
Hi Julie!
It's so good to see you! I guess with all those great things about purple there can't be too much!
I had a great weekend! I hope your week is great too!

Unknown said…
I love the purple field!! Makes me happy! I love that you used your palette knife.
Jane said…
This is a true eye opener, the colors really sing ! So beautiful !
Thank you Charlotte! The palette knife was fun but actually takes more time for me than a brush does.

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