Lady in Blue Painting


This was inspired by peacock feathers. Someone just recently asked me to paint a peacock for a commission and the colors have been on my mind ever since.


Vicki said...

Hi, Jennifer; catching up on your posts after some time away from the web. Loved your collage-of-30 and the blue peacock lady is amazing.

Most of all, so glad to hear of your mom's better news and that she's recovering fabulously! What a relief for you.

Vicki said...

I just feel like I should say more about the blue peacock lady. What an original idea. The colors are incredibly beautiful.

Also, I like the watercolor you did on the 30-collage of the lilac-y-colored hydrangeas in the vase. It's so clean; so precise in its simplicity. I don't think your talent for watercolor can be undersold; I've always thought you're really good at it although I know/I think you prefer oils/acrylics. It's great you can switch between all of it to keep things interesting! Gosh, don't lose your inspiration, Jennifer! You keep coming up with good stuff all the time!

Vicki said...

Three comments here from me are too much; I should collect my thoughts before I write! I think I read it wrong on the hydrangea piece from the collage. It looks like you used acrylic on watercolor PAPER, which sounds even MORE intriguing! Great effect...

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