Hydrangea in pot loose painting


Available here 

I’m excited to share this new one with you all! It’s a 20x20 oil.
Sometimes things done come out how I want them to. That’s how life can be….however,  this wasn’t one of those days! I am so happy with this new oil painting and painting it was effortless. It was just me and my brush having fun. 

I’ve been working on staying focused this year and I think it’s starting to show. 


New Birthday Bouquet Pink Roses

 New Birthday Bouquet Pink Roses

pink rose impressionist painting

Hi! I hope your day is going good. I just had the best birthday weekend celebration and wanted to share my little painting I did. My manager at work gave me these pink roses! They're from Trader Joe's of course. I might retake the photo when it's dry. Anyway, my husband and I have bday's 2 days apart, so it's a funfilled week (actually I celebrate the whole month!) We started off with a Kool and the Gang concert at the OC Fair! They were so awesome! Then we saw Saturday Night Fever play in Laguna and Nick's for dinner! That was my first time at Nick's and it won't be the last. The Chilean Sea Bass was so yummy!
Then yesterday we got together with the family, at Cocina Enoteca in Irvine, and had a wonderful meal with great people! I have an extra day off today but I think I better come back down to reality before going back to work tomorrow. 

I'm thrilled to say I sold this one yesterday! Yay! I had a plan to have a show at a craft fair so I've been accumulating lots of art. I'm not sure I'm going to now so it's time to start getting rid of the old to make room for some new! 

girl in red dress with white lace painting

I took it down because I was going to change it and someone contacted me asking if I offered prints. So she bought the original! 

I'm currently planning some larger paintings (in my head...I don't even have them on paper yet!) 


It's Been Awhile...but I'm still painting!

 New Koi Fish with Pink Flowers

koi fish oil painting
Available on Etsy

I will come up with a better name...it just takes time. This is one of my latest paintings. I've been painting much more but haven't had the time to get them all posted for sale. I hope you're enjoying your summer! This is my favorite time of year because it's July is my birthday month! I love everything about summer and this painting feels like summer to me. Hmmm...I think I came up with a series.

So many ideas and so little time. It's hard to find time for everything. Don't you think? One of the best things about being passionate about something is that you're never bored.

Anyway, I hope this quick post puts a smile on your face.


New Painted Lady in Blue! Paper mounted on board

original painting of woman in blue dress holding bright red flowers She is looking away from the viewer

 I haven't painted a figure in a while and was inspired by some exciting news! I don't know if I can share it yet, but it's about my daughter...This painting is from the news. I'm using acrylics on paper with layers of interesting marks. It's fun to explore new tools. I've recently been trying to transition all of my oil paints to water miscible because of the fumes and mess. They seem a little more expensive but I think it's worth it.

So, I painted this on paper using acrylics then mounted it onto a cradled hard wood. Here's a few pictures of how I did it. I watched a few YouTube videos before attempting it.

It started on a pad of mixed media paper...I had the edges taped so they would curl. I wasn't planning on this being a final painting otherwise I would probably have taped it onto another board the way watercolor paintings are done. This was just me having fun with paint. The color in this photo is more true to the original piece. I should retake the first one.

I brushed gel medium on the back of the artwork and on the top of the cradled board. You'll need to work quickly before it starts to dry. It can be repositioned a little after you put it down. 
I bought a brayer to roll over it. This gets any air bubbles out and presses the paper down firmly. 

I then placed a sheet of plastic wrap over it, then put a piece of scrap cardboard on top. (the video called for regular plastic but I didn't have any on hand. Plastic wrap is not the best to use because it clings to everything. It worked this time but I'll get some other plastic for next time) 

After that I placed a few paint cans to weigh it down, but you can really use anything heavy. Let it sit for 24 hours and then lightly sand the edges to make it flush. Seal again with the gel medium, varnish, or you could try cold wax. That's the next one I'm gong to try. 

On a side note...I noticed my blog photos are missing. It looks like I just started posting a few months ago. I'm not sure what happened. Google is changing things again. If you've noticed this on your blog please leave a comment about it. I'm not sure my followers are even seeing my blog. 

*update! I did it again...this painting has been reworked and it now longer available. The new one will be posted soon!  

Here's the new version! 

woman in blue dress painting by Jennifer beaudet- Zondervan

I revised it again...

Lady in blue dress painting with her back turned away
Available on etsy



How to prevent this from happening...

Sunflower oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet impressionist painter from California
Sunflower 11x14 SOLD

Hi all! I know all my blogs, websites, different names, have been a little confusing lately. I like to try different platforms to see what works best. I started doing this from the beginning, back in 2009. I created this blog, BeaudetArt, "My Life as a Starving Artist", which is now just Jen Beaudet Art. aka Jennifer Beaudet Artist and J Beaudet Studio (yes, I know...stay consistent, right?). My birth name is Jennifer Lynn Rutkoskie but I married a Beaudet, in 1993. I kept the name because I liked it, and it was my daughter's name. Now, I'm married to a Dutch man and took his name, Zondervan but I'm still artist Jen Beaudet Who's Passion Kept Her Going, just trying to sign a Z at the end of my new paintings. I may change that...

impressionist flower oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet of California
Impressionist Floral by Jennifer Beaudet SOLD

I also have a blog on Wordpress, "J Beaudet Studio" I never use that much but did create a website on Wordpress in 2015 which I failed to renew because I was going through a difficult time. That was Jen Beaudet Art. It was briefly taken over by a Swedish shoe company (this sounds like a comedy, doesn't it?), then strangely switched back to my profile picture, a few of my paintings, and some other images which weren't mine. I had no control over it and finally it's been taken down...for now. The stranger thing was it had contact information to the other Jen Lynn Beaudet from DC/Maryland. She is a relatively new artist (as far as I know she started sharing her work in 2018, and also oil paints a little similar to mine) She's not me and I'm not her. I'm sorry for the confusion. I have asked if she'd use another name but she won't. I don't blame her. It's just a weird situation that I believe has hurt my career but I keep going! Not giving up.

birch tree forest oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet
Birch Forest Aglow by Jennifer Beaudet from California 

So if you have any ideas of how to PREVENT this from happening to someone else, please feel free to comment here. I don't know what I could have done differently. And if this or something similar has happened to you I'd love to hear about it! I doubt anyone has had someone come along with the exact same name...even the middle name. And then they start using their middle name, which just makes it worse. We are different though, I'm left handed and a little older. My daughter is now 29 and I only have one! I've also been selling and sharing my art since 2009, and honestly, we do paint different. I feel I a little messier and expressive, with a bold use of color...but she is really good and blows me away how far she's come. So, if you read about this before sorry to talk about it again but many of you may not know. I was looking back on my viewers of this blog and I used to have 500 readers on my posts. Where did you go? Was it because of this name thing? I hope not.

And back to my blogs...my third blog...is on my new website JBeaudetStudios.com. This is where I post new available paintings and have a Newsletter which I'd love for you to sign up on! 

I sell through my Etsy shop JBeaudetStudios,  Jen Beaudet on Saatchi, Artsartistartwork.com, and Daily Paintworks as Jen Beaudet, and prints on Fine art America  since 2010.

Jennifer Beaudet art

sunset oil painting of Florida road by Jen Beaudet of Laguna California
Available here


The Giveaway of an Original Painting is on!


The GiveAway on JBeaudetStudios.com is happening right now! Your choice! To see the three to choose from just sign up for my Newsletter! That's it, you're entered! Come back here and comment to let me know which one you like.

Good luck! 


I'm Giving Away an Original Painting! (not yet)

New Commission of Peonies Delight by Jen Beaudet Zondervan
This is not the giveaway painting...but a commission I just finished! Click to get details for your own!

 Hi guys! I want to thank my loyal followers, who have been with me through all these years. As I think back on those years, there have been some really exciting moments like my solo show in Santa Barbara, my 3 paintings in Kincaid's, and being Trinity County's "unofficial" ARTIST of THE YEAR! Getting on ETSY's front-page, when I won the 15 Minute Conversation with Lori McNee, calendars and magazine covers, and every time someone purchases on of my paintings and prints. 

I started this blog (back then called "My Life As A Starving Artist" in 2009. I wanted to be a part of the Daily Painters Group and one of the requirements was you needed a blog to apply. I set up my blog and when I felt ready I applied. I wan't accepted, but that didn't stop me from painting daily and posting it. Something awesome happened! My blog was seen by some pretty big blogs and commented on by some major ones. Many blogs hosted giveaways of one of my prints. It was such a fun time and I started selling a lot! I've met so many interesting people a long the way and have had so much good feedback from influential artists and collectors. But it's each and everyone of you that touch my heart and keep me going. It's a funny thing how people you have never met can motivate me to create more! 

Here's a list of the blogs that posted about my art- blogs aren't as popular anymore so some of them aren't active. 


Tish Jett
















"So About What I Said" Melissa Blake 


Found Somewhere in Time

Foltbolt http://www.foltbolt.com/#!Jennifer-Beaudet/cy7d/56c59b340cf25df9371db96f

A lot has happened in my life over all these years, some not so good, but some really great things! My daughter is now a Nurse Practitioner with a masters in Nursing, working as a Psych NP! I'm so beyond proud of her! I moved to San Clemente, California from Northern California, so I'm back to my home at the beach! AND I got married to an amazing man! He's so supportive of my art and my biggest fan (it's a tie between my mom) My mom is in remission from stage 4 breast cancer and doing awesome!! We all live down here in Southern California and see each other whenever possible. Im' not able to paint as much recently because I work as a hairstylist. I started doing that after moving down to Ventura in 2016, It's been challenging but I do love it. I'm still painting on my days off and hoping to increase my painting days soon! I just finished 3 commissions in a row and am ready for the next! 

If you'r still reading this, I better tell you about the GIVEAWAY coming up! I'm going to have 3 original paintings to choose from, but only one winner. I'm announcing it on my Newsletter so make sure you have signed up to receive it! https://www.jbeaudetstudios.com/email-newsletter

Thank you for all your encouragement and support! 


Jen Beaudet Featured Artist

 Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan Featured Artist in Creatives Daily Presents!

California artist Jennifer Beaudet painting of Laguna Beach impressionist style with  a palette knife and oil paints
original sold

Wow! What an honor to be featured in the new Creatives Daily Presents publication by Arthur Morehead. If you would like to check it out here's the link Jennifer Beaudet Fine Artist Feature. Arthur does so much for the art community. I met him through social media, years ago, and have always looked to him for marketing advice. He's a website guru! He and Mari-Lyn have teamed up for a Marketing Summit. You may know Mari-Lyn from her Facebook Marketing Group. She is truly a beautiful person who goes out of her way to help others. I am so lucky to have them on my team! 

In the studio...I finished a fall commission of a similar painting I had done in 2013. My dad had the painting, hung in his home office and I just got it back, after he passed away 2 years ago. I wasn't able to pick it up when his wife was going through his things. She was selling the house and put a box of his belongings on her porch for me to pick up. I'm 2 hours away and couldn't get it in time. My friend, who still lives where I grew up, was so nice to go pick up the box, and held it for me until I managed to get it. Actually, another friend bought it to me! Anyway, it's been a journey back to me but I'm happy to have it as a reminder of how my dad loved me. 

A Day On The River by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan oil painting of Trinity River in California
Available as a print

Here it is in my home (we have since changed the heater control!...it mysteriously stopped working right after this was taken. Now it's nice and new HaHa) 

After posting this painting on my instagram one of my best collectors (actually she is my best) contacted me to paint another similar painting of the same scene. I loved this spot in Trinity County so it was easy to do it again. Incidentally, this is also the painting that won a contest by Lori McNee. I won a fifteen minute phone call with her. It was a great conversation and her way of giving back. I gained a lot of followers and recognition from that. Thank you Lori! 

Here's the new one I did! Unfortunately, I didn't have my reference photo anymore. I had originally taken it on my phone and couldn't find it. It's got to be somewhere in here. So, I did it by looking at the painting.

New Trinity River Painting by Jennifer Beaudet - Zondervan

The color temp is a slightly different because of the lighting. I did the rocks a little different in this one but I think they work. Looking at this painting, I'm reminded of being there on that peaceful Autumn day. There are times I miss living there but then I look outside at my view of the ocean and it goes away. 

I just finished a new "Abstractly Impressionistic" (yeah...I made that up) floral. It's a 9x12 inch canvas and I love the red roses! I hope you do too! 

red roses and lemons by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan
Red Roses With Lemons 9x12 inch $250 

I still need to take a better photo. This image is way too small. Not sure what happened with my phone camera but I'm going to take a new one and get it listed! 

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read this. 


Poppies in my studio again!


Red Poppies original painting by J Beaudet Zondervan of California
Available in my Etsy Shop

Here's a revised painting of some beautiful red poppies! I'm using a new spring green oil stick here and there. You can see it on the stems. I also used a hot (almost fluorescent) pink mixed with the red to really make it pop! Sorry for the glare. This painting is available in my Etsy shop. Click on the image for details! 

Thanks for stopping by! 


Peonies painting...must mean summer is here!


Click here to purchase on Etsy

I am using a palette knife with acrylics straight out of the tube here. If you look closely you can see I have left some of the pencil sketch in the vase area. I tried not to overwork it and thought it looked kind of nice like this. What do you think? 

San Clemente pier at sunset

I had to share this one from last year! It was an amazing day at the beach. Who would ever know that everything was closed at this time. 


Here's a New California Winery Commission!


Here's a crop of my latest winery commission. I'm happy to say my clients love it! This was based on an older painting of mine which they found on Etsy. They wanted a landscape format instead of square and wanted the sky changed. This sky is more realistic and calm than the original. 

Here's the original.

I was thinking I might change this one to be more like the new sky but I do like this one. I might change it slightly so it looks less stormy. It actually might just need to be retaken with my camera. Anyway, it's been for sale for a while and my wineries seem to sell faster than this one has. 

Here's another photo of the new one. I changed it a little since this picture. Just added some more bright greens to the vines and some sunlight on the ground. Matching another painting is challenging and I always state that yours will be an original, as there will be variations in color and brushwork. I'm happy how it came out and even happier that my clients are! 

Next up- is yet to be determined...I have a lot of ideas so that's a good sign that I'm feeling inspired again. I'm sure I'm not alone. This has been a very strange year. I work as a hairdresser to have a more consistent income and we opened and closed 3 times! It's been crazy. My husband got lost his job due to covid and I'm excited to say he just started a new one after about 6 months looking. He's a chef manager and his industry was hit hard as well. 

I think June is going to be a great month and I'm looking forward to it! 

Thanks for reading this!

I'm still posting on this blog because my new website is a little different. I used my domain name that I had on here and transferred it over to the new...not sure if that was a good idea. Now I'm getting some bad link errors. I was hoping is would resolve itself but that it happen. Anyway, if you're still here I'm glad! :) 

Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan 


New Painting of Italy Finished!


Jen Beaudet Z Italy oil painting

This was a very large painting that I was commissions to do. It took a while but it's finally complete and approved by my collector! She asked me to include her 2 kitties which I did. They look like they were right there all along! This painting was so fun to work on. I love working this large...even if it takes more time than what I'm used to. I got it done! 

Italy oil painting by Jennifer Beaudet of California

My hubby and I just took a trip up to SF and the wine country! (wow there are a lot of wineries here!) It's perfect timing for my next commission I'm working on. The client wants a California winery with poppies incorporated. Well, that's exactly what I saw on our trip and I took a bunch of photos. I knew it would be inspiring but it was beyond that! I had the most amazing time and am so ready to paint! 

Here's some of the California Winery I've done over the years...They're adding up! One is poppies but I'm going to combine them in this next painting. I rarely work straight from a photo. I have an idea of what I want then grab elements from different photos and my imagination. My work is never meant to be super realistic. I want it to have a sense of emotion and a bit of whimsy. I label it impressionism/ modern impressionism but I feel like it's just my own style created from my soul. 

PS...I don't like to get negative, but it seems I have once again made a change that caused a drop in readers. I would say I lost about 200-300 viewers on here (according to my stats). It happened before I made my new site and switched it, so I don't think it's that. I'll just keep going and see what happens. 

To those of you that are reading this, thank you for sticking around through all these years! Your support is so important to me. I'm still Jen Beaudet just with a Z now! 

NEW Website!

It's been too long...I've been loving Renoir

  Poppies Delight by Jennifer Beaudet Zondervan sold Does your life fly by? Mine sure does! How does time go by so fast? I just returned fro...