Hawaii photos...stay tuned


Well, I have returned from my amazing vacation on Maui. Although I still love Kauai, Maui is now one of my favorites! Actually, I can't choose which island I like more. I wish I could live on any of them (except Oahu). I'm working on a new painting of the Upcountry with a Jacaranda tree. They're blooming now! They are my absolute favorite tree! I was so inspired by this trip! There is so much for the senses there...it's amazing. I just wish we could have stayed longer. Next time:)

So...all of my photos from the trip are stuck in my mom's camera. I borrowed it instead of lugging my dslr around. Her camera takes great pictures and I got some great ones, but I can't get them off of there! We've looked everywhere for the cable. I think we have to order a new one. So until I figure it out...I'll just post my paintings. 
Thank you for all of your nice comments! And thank you Terra for posting your painting! 
Enjoy your day!


Terra said…
Welcome back. I spent a couple weeks on Maui years ago and enjoyed it. We were camping.
Jacarandas are one of our favorite trees and they grow in central California. If I had room I would plant one.
Hi Terra! Camping on Maui would be so nice. I thought about doing that sometime. They have some in So Cal too, but I haven't seen any in Nor Cal yet. At least not as far north as I am! We do have a lot of other beautiful blossoms though but the Jacarandas are my fav!
I would plant one too if I wasn't renting.

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